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Huayu BEST X Tunghai


The Chinese language has become a worldwide phenomenon.


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Huayu, 華語
an alternative name of Standard Chinese

Founded in 2021 by Taiwan's Ministry of Education, the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program promotes Taiwan's Chinese language education and meets global demand for learning Chinese. 

​​A university-to-university cooperative partnership was established at the beginning of 2022 between Tunghai University (Tunghai) and the University of Rhode Island (URI). An experienced Chinese language teacher from Tunghai has been recruited to teach at URI and share her profound cultural knowledge with students. Furthermore, four URI students are studying at the Chinese Language Center of Tunghai from 2022-2023, participating in a rich, diverse, and exciting experience. Tunghai University continues to expand its cooperative network. Starting from the fall semester of 2023, Tunghai University has established close collaborations with the East Asian Studies department at the University of Arizona and the Asian Studies department at Palacký University in the Czech Republic. The Mandarin Chinese instructors dispatched by Tunghai provide tangible assistance and fresh perspectives to the local communities. Simultaneously, foreign students have the opportunity to embark on enriching journeys of Chinese language learning at Tunghai.

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